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“Karrin Jones does excellent work. She is timely, thorough and efficient; knows which questions to ask, ensuring that your project exceeds your own expectations.” 

Leslie and John Chapman

Tutor Master Solutions

"Karrin, the work you did was fantastic, very professional looking. I'm really excited about the product you created and I can tell this is your God given talent!" 


Anthony Williams 

  • Our work reflects our Christian values
  • Ethical business with quality work
  • Thoughtful revisions & images
  • Responsive turnaround time
  • Connecting clients to their audience
  • Creating designs that move people


We are committed to excellence, superior customer service and prompt design results with an effective process. Click here for services and pricing.

REFINE GRAPHICS provides design solutions and print media products for all occasions. Our mission is to provide unique high quality products created in the fire of experience with extraordinary sensitivity to our design clients. We design materials that express the clear and true voice of our clients to the public.

Mission & Values

Refine Graphics is more than a business.  We are ready for your next BIG idea. Together we can accomplish ANYTHING!

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